Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The day I got kicked out of class

Ok so a little backround on this my buddy lets call him Bob is a bit of a lady killer as in different girl every weekend. Now Bob does his best to keep his appearance at its best and to do this he scourers the internet for any tips he can find. This activity usually leads him to gay oriented sites which for the most part can be incredibly useful with mens grooming. But I digress. Another thing about Bob is that while he has a great memory he isn't to much into the thinking for himself department. Now one day I was sitting in a class that me and Bob had together, when he walked in I noticed I dunno what I would call it maybe a slight gimp? I dunno but anyway I just figured Bob had found himself a kinky girl last night and she slipped something where it shouldn't belong (This has happened to him on atleast 4 occasions I know of). So naturally I asked him "Another one of your crazy nights Bob?" to which he replied "Nah man I'll tell you about it later" and as he said that he sat down to which a expression of pure pain came across his face. Now I sat there looking at Bob pretending to take notes on my laptop and tried to figure out what was hurting Bob. Then I remembered one of the websites he visited for his grooming tips. On the headline it read "Increasing your partners pleasure by waxing your ass" After reading this then looking at Bobs face when he saw the site I proceeded to fall onto the floor from laughing so damned hard and thats the day I got kicked out of class


  1. XD That actually reminds me of a story I read a few years ago: (Why it's on craigslist, I don't know.)